10 CBD Products You Don’t Need to Smoke

As cannabis legalization spreads across North America, more and more people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) to treat a wide variety of medical issues and symptoms. There are now quite a few strains of cannabis with high levels of CBD and little to no THC (the component in cannabis that gets you “high”), but many people prefer to steer clear of lighting up in order to avoid the negative health effects associated with smoking. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of smokeless CBD products available, and there are new options hitting the marketplace all the time. This article will introduce you to ten of the most popular options.

CBD Vape Oil Cartridges

Vape oil cartridges are a great option for those who want the immediate relief provided by smoking, but without the actual smoke. These cartridges screw on to standard vape batteries, so they are a great option for those who already vape their nicotine or THC. For those new to vaping, disposable all-in-one CBD vape pens are a very convenient and easy-to-use option. A little bit goes a long way with these, so make sure to take a puff or two and then wait 10-15 minutes to see how it affects you before doing more.

Edibles (gummies, cookies, chocolate bars, etc.)

For those looking for long-lasting effects, edible products are the way to go. From gummies to cookies, to chocolate bars, to truffles, there are nearly as many different options as there are types of food. One major benefit to edible products (when compared to smoking or vaping) is that they last much longer, so you do not need to medicate as often. Since edible CBD is absorbed through your digestive system, they can take much longer to kick in than some other products (anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the person and how long it has been since you have had something to eat).


Pouches are a fairly new product in the CBD marketplace, but they provide a way to get CBD in to your system in a discreet and convenient manner. Fashioned in the style of chewing tobacco, the CBD in these pouches is absorbed into the bloodstream through your mouth, so the effects will be felt more quickly than edible products. One major benefit to this product when compared to chewing tobacco, or dip, is that there is no need to spit when using CBD pouches.


CBD gum is also a newer product to hit the marketplace, and provides a discreet and effective method of consuming your medicine. Because the CBD is absorbed into your body through the mouth, the onset is quicker than if you were to eat an edible, but not as quick as vaping.

Breath Strips

Breath strips function much in the same way as pouches or gum – the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your mouth, and the onset is fairly quick. This is a quick and convenient method of medicating on the go, as the small container can easily fit in to your purse or pocket without taking up much room.

Water Bottles

CBD water bottles are an interesting new product that gives you the option of hydrating while you consume your medication and is very discreet. Because the CBD is absorbed through your digestive tract, you should expect it to take bit longer to kick in than some other options, but the effects will be long-lasting. This is a good option for someone who wants to use smaller amounts of CBD spread throughout the day, as you can just take a few sips of water every so often.

CBD Isolate

cbd isolate

CBD isolate is essentially pure CBD in powder form. This product is extremely versatile, and tends to be more cost-effective when compared with other options. CBD isolate can be dabbed/vaped, mixed in food or drinks, or taken sublingually (placed under the tongue). This is a great product for those looking to medicate on a budget, but it is definitely not the most user-friendly or discreet option out there.


Capsules containing CBD oil are a great option for those looking for consistency, accuracy, and convenience. The onset and duration of effects will be the same as if you had eaten an edible. The effects of these capsules will be noticeable more quickly if taken on an empty stomach, but some patients have reported experiencing nausea. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is recommended that you take these with a meal or a light snack in order to reduce or eliminate any discomfort.

Transdermal (gel pens, patches, creams/ointments)

There are a variety of options for transdermal CBD products, such as roll-on gel pens, patches, creams, and ointments. These products are rubbed directly on to your skin wherever you need relief from pain or inflammation. The effects are localized, so this type of product is not as effective when you need relief of pain or inflammation throughout the body, but is a great option if you notice a particular joint or muscle causing you problems.

Infused Tea

CBD tea is a great option for those looking for the effects of edible CBD, but who also enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of tea after a long day. Available in a wide variety of flavours, CBD-infused tea is a great option if you find relaxation in the ritual of brewing a cup of tea. If you plan on using this product in the evening, be sure to check whether or not the tea you choose contains caffeine.


As more and more regions across North America (and the world) choose to legalize and normalize the use of cannabis as a medicine, cannabidiol is quickly gaining a reputation as a powerful medicine that can effectively treat a wide variety of different ailments without the ‘high’ normally associated with marijuana. Although the number of options can be overwhelming at first, hopefully, this guide can help you make an informed choice about your medicine and your health.


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